No Borders Podcast

There are so many creatives you should know; but you don’t! On this podcast, we will expose you to some of the most important up and coming creatives in the UK. Follow their journey as they turn their ideas into reality!

“Life is literally just the pursuit of finding purpose, I just love to document my journey for the world to see”

Torrin JoshuaThe Host

Growing up in the small City of Coventry, Torrin wasn’t exposed to a lot of different choices and options career-wise, or just in general. Sixth-form allowed him to explore a lot of avenues and one of those was his passion for Digital communication and visual arts. Photographer, Videographer, Music, Torrin is an all-round “Creator”.

He is currently studying Digital Media and communications at Manchester Metropolitan University. At the same time, he works at The Common Sense Network as a producer/ editor. As well as this, he still continuers to freelance for digital media production and other personal projects.

He has huge goals and aspirations to impact the world, but in the way that he’s destined to do it.
In this Podcast, Torrin is going to explore not just his journey, but the journey of other people that aim to never settle for a life of mediocrity. Breaking the status quo, going against the grain, ultimately living life with no borders…